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3 Common Reasons of Japanese Gel Lifting

A few days ago we had a Q&A session on Instagram (@beeladynails.and.goods), about the issues our lovely bees were having with Japanese Gels, and we had so many responses! It was very helpful for us to understand the issues you’re struggling with Japanese Gels. The top response we got was lifting issues, and we’re here to help!

There are three big reasons for lifting:

MISTAKE 1 - Inadequate Prep

Nail plates aren’t completely buffed for base gels to fully adhere, which could make the base gel lift. Also, most of us are used to curing after applying gels on all five fingers, which can sometimes cause gels to lose their apex and flow to the cuticles and skin. It might be better to flash cure for 3-5 seconds after applying gel on each nail to make sure that the apex is intact, this will not affect the speed of your session! This can also help prevent overheating and clients are less likely to feel the burning sensation when curing fully.


Mistake 2 - Clear Gel Applied is Too Thin

This is a common mistake made when it comes to applying “shellac” and soft gels in bottles. When using Japanese Gels, it is better to build an apex to make sure that there is a good and strong base structure, which will help you achieve long-lastingness as well as minimal to no lifting.


Mistake 3 - Base Gel Used is not Suitable for Clients' Natural Nails

There are different types of clear gels in the Japanese Gel System to better accommodate different nail types. If clients have very weak and soft nails and a hard-textured base gel is used, lifting might occur within two weeks as the base gel cannot accommodate the flexibility of the natural nails. It is also useful to identify the spots of lifting. If lifting occurs near the cuticles and skin, it might be because of inadequate prep, base gel not properly applied, nails being in contact with water for an extended period of time or unsuitable base gels. If lifting occurs near the nail tips, it might be because clients are more clumsy with their nails. You can use builder gel for overlay to strengthen the nails at the end and remember to wrap the edges with gel too.

Try these steps and let us know if these steps helped with dealing with the gel lifting, and also let us know what you would like to know and read about in future blog posts!

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