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Bee Lady Nails Gel Removal Drill Bit (C & M)

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We have our own gel removal drill bits now! TRULY Bee Lady Nails exclusive, there are two types of drill bits: C & M

Drill Bit C: This drill bit is rougher, it is suitable to file gels before soaking off for easier removal.

Drill Bit M: This drill bit is more gentle, and it is suitable to remove gels after the soak-off process (trust me, it works better than a cuticle pusher/nail file!). This is also beginner-friendly, and we encourage new nail techs to use this for training.

Both of the drill bits have rounded and smooth heads, so it doesn't hurt the cuticles and real nails.


Details of the drill bits --

Material: Stainless steel (carbide)

Size: 3/32"Shank

Shank length: 32mm