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VETRO x élmu - Épices Series 10 colours

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The Épices Series focuses on the luster and clarity of the texture, and allows to create of a richer and more colourful element that can be integrated into everyone's daily life.

All the colours are soft and translucent soft textures, and the Épices Series with a sense of grey and translucent is like a seasoning that embellishes life and can be used everyday.

Colours include:

VL2301 Silk - Translucent milky white

VL2302 Tope - A balanced design colour of beige and gray

VL2303 Madeleine - Soft dark caramel colour

VL2304 Earl Grey - Clear bright brown

VL2305 Pistache - Fresh pistachio colour

VL2306 Skin - Skin beige colour that suits the everyday style

VL2307 Gloss - Natural persimmon color

VL2308 Aimer - Stylish pink-purple

VL2309 Canelé - Black-grey with brown translucent colour (Non-Vegan)

VL2310 Momiji - Maple leaf color that blends red, brown and orange (Non-Vegan)

  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-toxic (10 free)
  • Great self-levelling 
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Soft texture

Size: 4ml

Curing time: LED - 30s / UV - 60s

Light wavelength: 360nm ~ 405nm