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VETRO 3D Non-Wipe Art Clear Mizuame & Watagashi 4/25ml

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This clear non-wipe 3D gel is a thick, viscous textured gel that has great self-levelling to create 3D nail arts such as seashell and unicorn horn designs. It can also be used as glue for attaching accessories to the nails.

Mizuame: Texture is like melted cheese, very hard and stringy has great self-levelling. Suitable for spider silk/random lines effect.

Watagashi: Texture is more solid. Similar to Pallete Carys 3D gel, it is easy to create shapes & you'll be able to mix it with other colour gel without it flowing down.

p/s: try using a mirror powder on top of your 3D design, this product is extremely sensitive to light rays, recommend cure for 10-15 seconds for the best chrome effect!

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