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KOKOIST Level 2 - Excel Course

Join Australia’s Official KOKOIST Educator, Tori Pan, to learn more and get certified in mastering KOKOIST products and techniques. 

This certification program will be divided into three different levels: Premier, Excel and Hybrid. This allows both beginner learners and qualified nail tech business owners to learn different Japanese Gel techniques. 

This certification program aims to retain conventional Japanese Gel nail techniques while thoroughly educating nail technicians on everything KOKOIST. After completing this certification, students will be fully equipped to handle any nail-related tasks utilising KOKOIST.

To book your spot, register your interest via email at

Due to the high volume of applicants, please expect a slow response.

If you’re after a more advanced course, try the Excel Course.

This level 2 class will focus on elevating your knowledge and manicure skills to tackle real-life challenges, especially during nail art creation. Plus, to help students understand the beauty of Japanese nail colours, Tori will deliver a Colour Mixing theory. 

What you will learn:

  • E-file removal 
  • Excel builder gel and tip overlay 
  • Free-form extensions
  • Re-balancing & colour change in-fill 
  • Advanced nail art: Bleeding Ink Technique, Colour Mixing or hands-on experience with hand models (choose 1)
  • Additional knowledge on how to fix different gel nail problems 
  • Additional Colour Mixing theories
  • Additional tips for repairing broken nails
  • Additional knowledge of dealing with different natural nail conditions
  • Hands-on experience with hand model (extra + $300)

KOKOIST products you will get:

  • KOKOIST Product Kit (small) valued over $150 (including Excel Builder gel 4g, Nail Thoughts Tinted Builder Base Gel 10g (any colour), Clear Art Gel, free-form extensions and 2 different drill bits)
  • Excel Level 2 KOKOIST Certificate (after completing)

What you need to bring:

  • Manicure tools*
  • Notebook, laptop or iPad to take notes
  • Bare nails to work on! 

* Any brand will do or you can buy them from Bee Lady with 20% off during the course period.

We will provide hands-on experience where students can execute these techniques on their own nails, hand models or nail tips. Students will be required to complete a series of homework and a final exam to obtain the certificate.  

Course time: 

Option1 One-on-one, total of 12 hours (1 month)

Option2 One-on-two, total of 12 hours  (1 month)

Price: Both options come with the same price of $2,100 (GST included)*

*If you've passed level 1 course and would like to apply for level 2, you can get another $150 discount on this course!

Note: Students have to pass the Premier course to apply for the Excel course.



Click "here" to see booking procedure.

Application or consult the course via email: