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VETRO Fuji EX Base Gel - long gel wearing/ no sanding/ in-fill/ rebalance

Original price $19.00 - Original price $95.00
Original price
$19.00 - $95.00
Current price $95.00

Fuji EX is a newly upgraded formula that balances natural nail's ph level, improves natural nails health and conditions, and is designed for any type of nail; even soft nails can achieve 4 weeks+ gel earing without the sanding process; Fuji ex base gel also able to do in-fill, rebalance technical. 

Besides no sanding, what's the difference between the original clear FUJI and FUJI EX?

Different from Original FUJI in terms of cured hardness and lower viscosity, EX is especially well suited for fill-in services. For customers who handle water frequently, EX is a great alternative since it is more resilient and absorbs less water than the original. Great self-levelling without floating the skin.

  • No primer needs
  • No sanding needs
  • Soft gel
  • Re-fill/ in-fill
  • 10 Free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cosmetic grade

Cure Time: LED 20-40 sec, UV 60 sec.

The packaging has been updated to a matte grey colour, but the quality of the gel content remains unchanged.

Product Name Hardness (Shore) Viscosity (Cps/mpas)
Fuji EX Base  Shore D51-D71 18,000-28,000