Japanese Gel Texture Data - KOKOIST, Nail Thoughts, VETRO & Bella Forma

Feb 13, 2022

Brand Products Hardness (Shore) Viscosity (Cps/ mpas ) 
KOKOIST Platinum Bond Duo Shore D80

40,000 ±7,000

Platinum Bond Duo in Bottle Shore D80 25,000 ±5,000 Chocolate Syrup
Mega Stick Base Soft Gel Shore D70 20,000 ±5,000 Chocolate Syrup
Art Clear ZERO Shore D70 23,000 ±5,000 Honey
Excel Bilder Gel  Shore D80 75,000 ±10,000 Toothpaste
Ultra Glossy Non Wipe Top Coat Shore D30 5,000 ±2,000 Honey
Velvet Matte Non Wipe Top Coat Shore D20 3,000 ±15,000 Vegetable oil
Nail Thoughts Tinted Base Shore D70 15,000±5000 Chocolate Syrup
Clear Base Shore D70 15,000±5000 Chocolate Syrup
Colour Shore D70 10,000±3000 Honey
VETRO Fuji Base  Shore D60 20,000 Chocolate Syrup
Base Max Shore D50 Less 5,000 Vegetable oil

Top Clear in pot

Shore D80 15,000 Chocolate Syrup
Extension Clear ll Shore D85 60,000 - 80,000 Toothpaste
Non-Wipe Enne Top Coat Shore D70-D90 6,500 Vegetable oil
Feather Matte Non-Wipe Top Coat Shore D50 ±5 4,000 - 6,500 Vegetable oil


Extension Clear Shore 70 ±5 70,000 ±5,000 Toothpaste
Top Clear in pot Shore 54-D74 14,000 - 22,000 Chocolate Syrup

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