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About Us


Hello lovely bees, welcome to Bee Lady Nails & Goods!

We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and our little store, so here it goes! We created Bee Lady Nails & Goods when our founder, a fellow nail artist, struggled with buying Japanese Gels in Australia, where her friends and family had to ship them from overseas… It was an expensive way and on top of that, a long wait. 

So the idea of Bee Lady Nails & Goods was born! With Bee Lady Nails & Goods, we wish to support more nail artists in exploring and creating exceptional nail arts with our knowledge of Japanese Gels, their special texture and services (and of course top quality products!)


Why Japanese gel?

Japanese Gels are extremely versatile. Apart from the huge range of colours, there are different gel textures for different types of nail art and nail condition to ensure that manicures and nail arts last longer. The gels can be used to shape nails, mixed together for colours customisation, create 3D nail arts and allows so much more room for creativity.

Japanese gels are also made to maintain nail healthy, and are free from harmful chemicals and strong chemical small, so they are safe for our clients and nail artist. Simple packaging and can be purchased individually, no extra fancy package, Japanese Gels are worth a try and are truly great additions to nail studios and salons.


What is Japanese gel?


Japanese gels are true gels, which usually come in a cute tiny pot. 

The top Japanese gel brands we all heard of such as Bio Sculptureaus, KOKOIST, VETRO, Leaf gel etc.  

True gels are not diluted. Pure gel products have very few additives and ingredients, and that translates to strong, long-wearing, no-lift soft gel manicures. 

The gel we use on nails is a type of resin: a type of plastic adhesive in a fluid form. Cosmetic grade resins, which we know as gel polish, contain additives and come in different viscosities for a variety of desired effects. 

No harsh chemicals in the product leads to minimal to no damage to the natural nails, which then translates to long term relationship with clients. 🌿

Even if they are tiny, they have excellent performance.

💛High pigmentation
💛Full coverage in one layer
💛Transition from color applications to nail art


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