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Our Story.

Our founder, Tori, spent many years working in the nail industry in Australia. During that time, she noticed a big gap compared to other beauty industries. Nail services were often low-priced, and there were limited resources for high-quality products and training.

That's when the idea of Bee Lady Nails & Goods was born. We wanted to offer something different for our fellow nail artists—a platform that connects them and helps them grow.

What inspired the name Bee Lady?

What is Japanese Gel?

Japanese gel, originating in Japan and gaining global popularity, is renowned for its high quality and unique texture.

Unlike typical gel polish, it offers a variety of textures, hardness levels, and viscosities to choose from. This is not meant to confuse but to create long-lasting gel results for different needs.

Japanese colour gels usually come in cute little pots and can be used for single-colour applications and nail art, as they are highly pigmented. Japanese gel nail products use cosmetic-grade pigments.

Our chosen brands value the ease of use for nail technicians, with high-quality production standards, long-lasting gel-wearing, and client satisfaction.

We are the official Australian distributor for

Fun things to do in-store 🐝

Step into our cheerful and welcoming space for nail lovers! We're thrilled to have you join us. Get ready for exciting activities like nail art workshops & full nail training courses. Plus, we offer the Open Practice sessions for those who need a place to hone their nail skills with joy and enthusiasm!

Calling all educators 📣 If you're searching for a vibrant and fully equipped space for a nail workshop, look no further! We're here to make your teaching experience delightful with our space rental options or collaboration opportunities. Let's spread happiness and creativity together!

Space Rental Opportunity!

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