​​Nail Thoughts Certificate Class (New)

Next 4 people group available on Thursday, 29 August - 12:30pm to 4:00pm (Last day to sign up is 11 August)

The Nail Thoughts Certificate is finally landing in Australia! Nail Thoughts has been a gem in the nail industry, and we are excited to uncover the secrets of these amazing products. In this training, we will cover everything about Nail Thoughts products, including Tinted Base Gel and Colour Gel for art! We'll also delve into the theory of gel texture for creating long-lasting Structured Gel Manicures. If you love Structured Gel Manicures on natural nails and want to elevate your skills to the next level, you don't want to miss this opportunity!

*This course is recommended for nail technicians with prior experience in gel nail applications and proficiency in e-file manicures and gel removal techniques.

What we will learn:


  • Nail Thoughts Brand History
  • Nail Thoughts Products Walkthrough

Theory and Technique:

  • Nail Thoughts Gel Texture Theory
  • Nail Thoughts Colour Expression
  • Understanding the Nail Thoughts System for Long-Lasting Results
  • Troubleshooting of Gel Lifting
  • Gel system theory
  • Dry e-file manicure demo from Tori

Practical Application:

  • Structured Gel Manicure Application (3 ways)

Master three different techniques for applying Structured Gel Manicures on small, short nails, and big, wide nail beds without gel flowing onto the skin.

Nail Art and Special Techniques:

  • Tortoiseshell Nail Art

Additional Tips and Tools:

  • Nail Brush Care
  • Basic knowledge of lamp UV/LED lights & wavelength

What is included:

  • Nail Thoughts textbook 
  • Nail Thoughts Certificate
  • Free open practice voucher in our studio

Student Discount: Buying products from Bee Lady Nails will receive 20% off during the course period.

What you need to bring:

  • Manicure tools*
  • E-file
  • Notebook, laptop or iPad to take notes
  • Prepped nails to work on!

Nail Thoughts products:

  • x1 Nail Thoughts Brush Kit* THREE BRUSHES
  • x1 bottled base gel of your colour choice (need to be tinted base)
  • x1 potted base gel of your colour choice
  • x3 Nail Thoughts colour gel of your choice
  • x1 Nail Thoughts Glossy Top Coat

*If you need us to order the products, enjoy a 20% discount after signing up for the class.

Instagram @uptotori

Tori Pan, Australia's Official KOKOIST Educator

Course Time: 

  • 1 Day Class - 12:30pm to 4:00pm

Lesson for 3.5 hours, with an additional 1.5 hours available for practice.

Location: 2 Beissel Street, Richmond, VIC 3121


  • $680 for one-on-one 
  • $620 per person for one-on-two   (You need to find your own nail buddy)
  • $590 per person for 4 people group

Bring a hand model in the class (extra + $100 per person)

Payment Options:

  • Pay a 10% deposit at sign-up and the remaining balance by 11 August via bank transfer.
  • Pay the full amount upfront via bank transfer.

For one-on-one or one-on-two sessions, class times are flexible. Please book 4-6 weeks in advance, and a 10% deposit is required to secure the spot.  All classes are non-refundable.

🌟 All Year 20% Off in Nail Thoughts Collection!

To support Australian nail artists and nail enthusiasts, we are excited to introduce a new program just for you! We’re so grateful you want to learn more about Nail Thoughts and continue to elevate your nail journey! Upon completing the Nail Thoughts course, you can apply for our exclusive 1-year, 20% discount on all Nail Thoughts products.

  1. Complete the Nail Thoughts certificate course.
  2. Apply for your membership with Bee Lady Nails.
  3. Receive your 1-year, 20% discount code, applicable to the entire Nail Thoughts product range, including pre-orders and refill bottles.

To extend the discount for another year, a minimum spending of $2300 on the Nail Thoughts collection is required within the year. Please email us for your account review.

💌 Course Sign-up


Student Reviews

Rachele @ento.studio

As a complete beginner with no experience or knowledge of nails, I gained a lot from Tori’s 1-on-1 custom classes. She taught me the basics of the manicure as well as the fundamentals of Japanese nail art and application techniques. She was so patient with me and I felt comfortable making mistakes and learning from her. I had an amazing experience and learnt so much in 4 weeks! Thank you Tori, my time with you has been invaluable.

My @m.yunastudio

Hi Toriiiiii, just wanted to sit down and actually write you a personal thank you. These past 5.. 6.. 7? weeks have been enjoyable beyond belief. I thought this would just be a class where I go in and learn then instantly get out. The assumption that it was just another course made me a bit anxious. But being taught by someone as patient as you, as well as alongside someone as sweet as Fran, I have a new found love for this art - purely based off its community.

Even Mila makes it fun with her stories and cheerfulness~ so thank you for making me want to wake up every Monday, thank you for making this fun and an immense thank you for being a great teacher into Japanese gel, it really is your calling 😀

Felicia M

Hi Tori, hope you’re well! Just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing class last week, I thoroughly enjoyed and felt like I understood beyond theoretical concepts despite the density of the syllabus.

Really appreciated the way you went beyond a typical application and theory class, using innovative techniques to really drive the delivery and making sure that I was able to demonstrate what was taught. It was also great that you really tailor the session to build on a person’s existing skills as well as their learning styles, making your tips and techniques immediately applicable. I look forward to seeing more from you and your team, wishing you all the best :)

Khai L

Both the content of the course and the delivery by Tori were excellent, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning the foundations of e-file manicure and Japanese gel.I had no prior experience using an e-file before I begun this class, but Tori was patient with me and provided lots of tips and advice to improve my technique.

It is clear that she adapts her style and guidance based on the student’s needs, so that you get the best possible result. She also takes time to answer questions, even when they are about different topics to what she is teaching that day, and provides anecdotes and examples from her years of experience to help you understand difficult concepts.Thanks Tori for a great 5 weeks with you!

More course reviews from our students


Annnnnd we are done!

Thank you Tori @uptotori @beeladynails.and.goods for your guidance (and patience!) while teaching me the importance of nail health, foundation and structure of Japanese gel!!


Learned from Tori a year ago when I transitioned from using nail polish to Japanese nail gels. I love how everything turned out, and I can feel my nails getting healthier and my nail beds becoming stronger. I can't wait to join further learning with Tori. She's absolutely amazing!

Yalin T

You are a wonderful teacher! I am very kind and very patient.your course is exactly what I needed, Thank you teacher Tori

Kha B

Teacher Tori is very dedicated and patient. After finishing the lessons, she is always willing to answer questions. She can help troubleshoot just by looking at a picture. If you want to pursue a career in nail art, you must come to Beeladynails to learn. ❤️❤️❤️

Ashely K