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Japanese Incense (kōdō) 3 Types

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Japanese incense, or "kōdō" (香道), is a centuries-old tradition used for religious rituals, meditation, and pure enjoyment of fragrances. It provides a unique sensory experience, connecting people to Japanese culture, promoting relaxation, and creating a contemplative atmosphere in both formal ceremonies and daily life.

Kaden Kobunboku 

Kaden Kobunboku is a special recipe from the Baieido family. It blends high-quality Vietnamese Aloeswood with the classic Kobunboku base in a fantastic balance.

It's rich, sweet, and a bit spicy, but also smooth, calming, and makes you feel really happy.

This is a cherished traditional recipe that shows the artistry of Baieido.

$29/roll, 50 sticks, or

$49/box, 235 sticks

Hinoki (smokeless)

Sawayaka Hinoki Incense by Baieido is a tribute to the Japanese revered Hinoki Cypress* Tree.

Sawayaka Hinoki incense is made using pure rare Hinoki essential oil, which by Japanese law can only be extracted from trees that have fallen or naturally died.

This incense is a low-smoke variety that truly delivers all the clarity and subtlety of this exotic, beautiful pine forest scent.

*Hinoki Cypress is a very slow-growing evergreen tree in Japan that is traditionally used to build religious temples in Japan.

$18/roll, 40 sticks


Named after a particularly famous, highly revered plum tree on the grounds of an ancient temple in Japan. Tobuime is the latest classical Japanese incense masterpiece from Baieido.

Tobuime features fine Indonesian agarwood blended with a delightful, sweet, rich bouquet of smooth spices to deliver a prestigious floral, sweet plum blossom aroma. The effect is soothing and thrilling simultaneously.

Truly amazing. Suited to meditation or general atmosphere enhancement.

$39/box, 120 sticks