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Japanese Gel Nail - Essential Skills

Japanese Gel Nail - Essential Skills 14hr training

Perfect for beginners or zero experience who seeking a solid foundation, this course provides essential nail skills and knowledge.

In this class, we’ll deep dive into:

  • E-file Manicure with cuticle nipper technique
  • Nail heath care theory
  • All type of nail shape 
  • Pot and bottle gel and colour application
  • Gel texture theory
  • Equipment and tools knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of lamp UV lights
  • Nail brush care
  • Soft Gel removal with e-file
Products you will get:


  • Round Brush
  • Line Brush
Clear Gel 
  • Top & Base in pot
Colour Gel
  • Sheer colour 
  • Solid colour

We will choose 6 colours for you based on our preferred styles. :)


  • 4 Drill bits
  • Emery Board 180/180
  • Sponge Buffer 100/180
  • Green file 120/120
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail clip
What you need to bring:
  • E-file
  • Notebook, laptop or iPad to take notes
  • Bare nails to work on! 

Student Discount: Buying products from Bee Lady Nails will receive 20% off during the course period.

Course Time: 

Option1 - 2 Days 7hr + 1hr lunch per day total of 14 hours 

Option2 - 4 Days 3,5hr per day total of 14 hours 


Price (GST included): 

$2,550 for one-on-one

$2,040 per person for one-on-two 

$1750 per person for 4 people group 

*All price included product kit + certification fee 

 *For group sessions, you can bring a friend who is also interested in learning nails, or I can help you find another student who shares the same learning goals, but please note that this option might take longer to arrange. 


Extra skills training:

+  Structure gel manicure - BIAB 2hr (extra + $200)

+  Tori Sinature Omber nail art 2 typs 2hr  (extra + $200)

+  Hands-on experience with hand model. 2 models All day (extra + $650)




Click "here" to see booking procedure.

Application or consult the course via email: 

To schedule your class, please provide your preferred day.

Available Day: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.