Press-On Nail Artist's Hacks on How to Choose Full Coverage Tips: Featuring KOKOIST Gelip Collection

Aug 12, 2022

Written by @solaris.made

Let’s talk about full coverage tips!

As a press-on nail artist, I’m constantly growing my collection of full coverage tips, trying different length sizes and shapes so I can pick the right base for my design. I’m always adding more options for my clients, but is it always the more, the merrier? It certainly can be tricky to keep track of all the options, let alone pick one for someone with little experience with full-coverage nails. Hence, I’ve broken down the Kokoist Gelip collection and will show you how each of the different shapes looks on me.

Before we start, I want to give a bit of context about this collection. Kokoist gelip are pre-edged nail tips that provide the perfect length and shape for gel extensions or, in my case- as the base of my press-on nail designs. They are lightweight and flexible and very comfortable 

to wear. The shapes are beautiful and require minimum shaping on the free edge. What I love the most about these tips is that they are very size inclusive, especially if you have medium to large (or even extra large) nail beds; you can find the perfect fittings here.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Oval Short & Oval Long


Oval Short

Length from 15.3mm to 24mm
Not suitable: 

People with longer nail beds (natural nail bed length 15mm+). It might not cover your nail from side wall to side wall.
Recommend: shorter than 15mm nail beds.

Oval Long

Length from 17mm to 26.3mm
Not suitable: 

People with curved nail beds might find this tip too flat for their fitting.
Recommend: natural, flatter nail beds.

Almond Short & Almond Medium


Almond Short

Length from 15.4mm to 23.5mm
Not suitable: 

People with longer nail beds (natural nail bed length 15mm+). It might not cover your nail from side wall to side wall.
Recommend: shorter than 15mm nail beds.

Almond Medium

Length from 19.2mm to 25.1mm
Recommend: Universally fitted shape for most people. Both almond-shaped tips are slightly sculpted, which means it’s suitable for both flat nail beds and curved nail beds.

Square Medium & Coffin Long


Square Medium

Length from 18mm to 26mm.

Coffin Long

Length from 20.4mm to 26.2mm

The fitting for these two shapes are very similar; they are both are quite universally flattering in terms of length and curves, in fact, the medium square has slightly tapered end, they both are my favourite shapes to create funky 3d
nail art and air spray nails!

Coffin Extra Long

This is the longest nail tip Kokoist offers. It is slightly thicker and more sculptured than the rest of the style because longer tips require a higher apex to maintain its durability. However, overall they are still comfortable and flexible enough to wear.

To sum up,

Longer than 15mm nail beds: Avoid Oval Short and Almond Short; 
Shorter than 15mm nail beds: Avoid Extra Long Coffin.

Flat nail beds: In my opinion, you can get away with using both flatter-shaped tips and curved-shaped tips with proper preparation

Curved/rounded nail beds: Avoid Oval Long

Below is an example of applying short tips to a nail bed longer than 15mm. It fits the cuticle area perfectly and looks completely fine from the front. However, you can still see a gap within the sidewall.


Pro fitting tips: If you are between sizes, choose the larger one; always ensure the tip can cover your nails from side wall to side wall, it’s easier to file down the base of the tip to fit your cuticle.

All nail beds are different in length and width; thus, the results may vary; some shapes and lengths might work for someone else but might not work for you. If you are still unsure which one would be the best fit for you, get in touch, and we are always happy to help!

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