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Bee Lady Nails - Essential Drill Bit Set

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Introducing our new drill bit set, including every bits you need!

Product Included:

Drill Bit C: This drill bit is rougher, it is suitable to file gels before soaking off for easier removal.

Drill Bit M: This drill bit is more gentle, and it is suitable to remove gels after the soak-off process (trust me, it works better than a cuticle pusher/nail file!). 

Smooth Cuticle Drill Bit - It’s one of our favourite drills! The size and shape of this drill are designed for versatile manicure ways. With a small round head, this drill will not make a drill mark on the nail plate.

Cuti-step Prep Drill Bit - Introducing the Natural Diamond with Safety Round Tip, a versatile tool for clean and detailed manicures. It safely opens cuticle pockets on natural nails, gently lifting the cuticle before cutting. For a refined finish, it can be used with a Bee Lady Nails - Smooth cuticle drill bit. Prevent gel lifting with this great tool by ensuring proper preparation.