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Nail Thoughts [NTB-24] Baby Cakes Tinted Base Gel in bottle

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One of the three KOKOIST x Nail Thoughts tinted base gel. Semi-hard base gel.

"A sheer peachy base coat."

Think of this tinted base coat as a subtle color mix between the fan favorites Peach Base and Strawberry Milk Base. It’s less opaque than those two but has the perfect mix of hue between them. It’s a subtle peachy pink hue tinted base gel where if you build it up on the nail, it still has a slight sheer aspect to it. Think of Baby Cakes Base as exactly Sugar Glaze Base but with NO shimmer for the clients that don’t like glitter on their nails.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Non-toxic (10 free)
  • Great self-levelling
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Bottle type Japanese gel

Size: 10g (comes in bottle)

Curing time: LED - 30s / UV - 60s

Light wavelength: 360nm ~ 405nm

Tip: We recommend building a little apex with the base coat and cleaning with 90 - 100% isopropyl alcohol instead of acetone for better adhesion.

Product Name
Hardness (Shore)
Viscosity (Cps/mpas)
Tinted Base
Shore D70