Barbiecore Trend: Top 5 Barbie Nail Art & Top Picks Colour Gels

Jul 24, 2023

"The winter season is cuddling everything Barbie pink, from nails and heels to outfits. The Barbie movie is set to influence the fashion scene, and you can stylishly join the Barbiecore trend in your own way!"

No matter if you're new to nail art or an experienced enthusiast, there's a wide array of Barbie-inspired nail art designs for you to explore. To kickstart your creativity, here are some suggestions:

Timeless Barbie Pink Nails

Undoubtedly, the most iconic nail art design inspired by Barbie is the classic Barbie pink. This vibrant and joyful hue serves as a fantastic way to infuse your winter outfits with a burst of colour, and a straightforward pink manicure is always a winning choice.

Recommended Colour Gels:

  • KOKOIST E-23 Neon Toy Pink (solid colour; medium texture)
  • KOKOIST E-50 Lollipop Cream (solid colour; medium texture)
  • VETRO VL063 Flower Bouquet (solid colour; medium texture)
  • VETRO VL158 Pink Satin (pearly; medium texture)
  • Nail Thoughts NTB-7 Strawberry Lemonade Tinted Builder Base Gel in bottle
Image from Instagram @betina_goldstein

Shimmering & Glittery Barbie Nails

Since Barbie adores everything that sparkles...You have the option to apply glitter or chrome powders all over your nails or use it as an accent on the tips or cuticles for a dazzling touch!

Nail Art by @nderthelamp

Products used:

  • KOKOIST Gelip Short Almond
  • KOKOIST Liquid Mirror Olive Chrome
  • Nail Thoughts NTB-3 Peach Base
  • CandyPaint M03 Champagne Light Gold
Image from Instagram @nderthelamp

Barbie Blush Nails

The traditional blush nail design typically involves a delicate touch of pink or a richer, purplish-pink shade at the nail's centre, accompanied by a transparent jelly texture. 

This design showcases a gradient, soft-focus effect, resulting in an ultimately elegant style. Additionally, most blush manicures incorporate a glossy, jelly-like texture that enhances the overall gentle and refined look.

Nail Art by @cuteicles.official 

Products used:

  • VETRO VL397 - Choushun-iro (sheer colour; soft texture)
  • VETRO VL435 - Cancer (sheer colour; soft texture)
Image from Instagram @beeladynails.and.goods

Barbie Pink with Other Colours

Combining Barbie pink with complementary colors like white, black, or gold/silver can enhance the depth and visual impact of the nail art, creating a more layered appearance. Additionally, incorporating patterns or 3D art such as flowers, hearts, or stars on top of the Barbie pink base can add a touch of delicacy and charm to the overall design.

Image from Instagram @slower.hands
Image from Instagram @cuteicles.official

Pick Your PINK !

We've selected the finest Pink Colour Gels for you to choose from, making it a fantastic opportunity! Explore a diverse range, from vibrant Barbie pink to sheer and delicate blush pinks. Click on the image below to browse our amazing pinky-tone collection!

Solid Pink

Sheer Pink

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Unleash your creativity and draw inspiration from Barbie to create a manicure that truly reflects your unique style!

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